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Selling your home during the Holidays in Rhode Island

Holiday wagonHolidays bring circumstances that are unique to home selling in Rhode Island. First, it’s usually cold and somewhat rainy which does not make for riding around looking at houses very pleasant. We all like to do this in the spring and fall when its just beautiful Ocean State weather! However, some people decorate their homes very nicely and sometimes this is what may sell your home. Realtors have given two perspectives on this and I think, personally, it depends on the home and the decorations. Some say do not use any decorations whatsoever because it will turn off potential buyers and some say to go all out. Here at Stonehurst Realty, we are more of the opinion that decorating, in moderation may very well entice a potential buyer.

Ask yourself, to whom to do you want to sell your home to? Yes, many will say to not target, but really you want someone to love it the same way you do and that means the buyer may need to have some of the same taste as you. Many buyers have walked into properties and immediately torn them apart, simply because their taste was different! Some people love heavy decorations and some, none at all but a wreath or lights here and there, or a pontsettia cannot hurt. Not all buyers are able to visualize exactly what a home can look like and a few decorations can help that along.

The question of whether or not to list your home during the holidays in Rhode Island is Yes!  You know you are getting serious buyers at this time of year and not tire kickers because no one has time to be strolling around just looking at houses. This give both you and the buyer the opportunity to move through seamlessly. If you are selling during the winter months, you probably want to move soon and likewise, a buyer is probably in a rush to relocate. This makes a world of difference, on both sides in negotiations because you are both more amenable to making the deal work. Timelines are always important in a Real Estate transaction.

Stonehurst has several homes on the market, newly arrived in this holiday season. We have motivated sellers looking for motivated buyers! Please check out our listings as they change daily.

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